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Activities at Casa Chameleon Hotels Costa Rica

Dive Deeper

Think of Mal País and the greater Nicoya Peninsula as your own personal playground. If you do, we’re pretty certain waves of wonderment will ripple around you.

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Adventure Redefined

Costa Rica has long attracted adventure-seekers, and Las Catalinas has it in spades. If we may make a suggestion, ditch the typical and let us plan a personalized experience that’s one for the books.

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Dining in Sentido Norte, a delectable Las Catalinas restaurant, is like dining in a local friend’s gourmet kitchen. Everything is accounted for, every request is met with pride, and every menu item is delicious.

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The Nicoya Peninsula is more than just another tropical paradise. It is a wellness mecca that runs deep. So dive into this paradisal pool of wellness and resurface with more energy, more focus, more peace.

Las CatalinasMal País

Plan An Event

Planning an event, whatever the occasion, takes time and is deeply personal. This is why our approach is anything but cookie-cutter. Instead, we take planning your celebration to new heights and will personalize your itinerary to suit your every whim.

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Mal País

The ocean is one of Mal País’ greatest treasures. Explore its beauty as you fish from shore, surf the Nicoya Peninsula’s world famous swells, and dive the ocean’s depths.


Las Catalinas

On any given day in Las Catalinas, you can zipline, raft, hike, mountain bike and birdwatch your way through Mother Nature.


Signature Experiences With Origen Escapes

For those staying at Casa Chameleon, ORIGEN offers its escapes to small groups or several couples together.

Untamed River Rafting

When we say untamed we mean you’ll be one of the first to raft this river. Plenty of excitement awaits as you plunge through twists, turns and drops; down thrilling rapids through a beautiful national park.

Spinner Dolphins Mega Pod

Swim with thousands of spinner dolphins in the marine heaven that is found in Drake Bay off Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast.

Volcanic Experience

Aboard the best helicopter fleet in the country, enjoy this incredible volcano experience. Arenal, Tenorio, Miravalles and Rincon del Vieja are some of the volcanoes that form this incredible ridge dividing the Caribbean and Pacific slopes.

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