Best Ways to Get to Santa Teresa

Located around 150 km from San Jose International Airport, Santa Teresa may be off the beaten path, but once you arrive in absolute paradise you will never regret vacationing here with us at Hotel Casa Chameleon. There are a few ways to get from San Jose to the Mal Pais area, choosing the right way to travel for you typically depends on your flight times and budget while traveling.

Here are the few options you have available to you to get from San Jose to our beautiful and peaceful beach town of Santa Teresa:


After landing in San Jose you can get a rental car from the airport and drive to Santa Teresa. The best and quickest way is straight on Route 27 for about an hour and thirty minutes, which takes you to Puntarenas, which is where you would have to take the ferry across the gulf to the town of Paquera. The ferry schedules are seasonal so make sure to confirm the times prior to planning your drive. Once the ferry docks in Paquera, 70 minutes later, you simply follow the main road straight to Mal Pais for approximately an hour, which will put you at the crossroads in Playa Carmen. From here you head south for a few minutes to arrive at the road to Hotel Casa Chameleon.





Taking a domestic flight from San Jose airport to Tambor is by far the easiest and quickest option to arrive in Santa Teresa. The flights run daily and are only 25 minutes, not to mention quite an outstanding view. There are two airlines, Sansa & Nature Air, that offer daily flights to Tambor, which is then only a 35-minute drive to Mal Pais and Santa Teresa. If you prefer our concierge can also arrange for a private charter flight from San Jose to Tambor, which gives you the freedom of arranging a time most suitable for you and your group.


From San Jose there are two direct public buses that run twice daily, 6 am and 2 pm. The price is approximately $12 USD per person and takes around 6 hours total for the journey. The price includes the cost of the ferry and you do not need to carry your luggage while on the ferry. Once you arrive at the Playa Carmen crossroads in Mal Pais we can arrange for a taxi to bring you to the hotel directly. Alternatively, there are also some private shuttle companies that offer transfers in smaller, air-conditioned mini-buses for around $50 USD/person. If you are interested in this option don’t hesitate to ask our staff to reserve a spot for you.


We hope this article helps our guests get to our wonderful, unique town of Santa Teresa safely and easily. Contact our staff at Hotel Casa Chameleon today to help arrange your next vacation in paradise!

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