Casa Chameleon Hotels at Las Catalinas and Sentido Norte Restaurant were host of a magnificent culinary celebration – the first Guanacaste Night of the two-day event, featured six international chefs, each with a unique take on Costa Rican cuisine.

They worked together to bring the colorful ingredients of Guanacaste to life. Our guests enjoyed fantastic food and pairings, live music, beautiful scenery, and the company of friends in a memorable celebration of local flavor we won’t forget soon.

Immerse yourself in a fiesta for the senses



TripAdvisor has released their 2019 Travelers Choice Awards. These awards represent the very best of travel chosen by millions of travelers.

We’re honored that Casa Chameleon at Las Catalinas has made the Top 25 in 3 categories!


Top 25 Hotels for Romance – Costa Rica

Top 25 Hotels for Romance – Central America

Top 25 Small Hotels – Costa Rica



A truly romantic getaway setting

With its secluded location and intimate villa accommodations, Casa Chameleon at Las Catalinas is ideal for cultivating romance. Each villa comes with its own personal saltwater plunge pool and ocean views. Book a couple’s massage, walk the miles of beach at sunset or enjoy delicious local cuisine in the open-air restaurant Sentido Norte. Let your love flourish in this coastal jungle retreat.


The benefits of staying in a small hotel

With 21 private villas, this adult’s only hotel is both welcoming and comfortable. In a small hotel, there is no overcrowding and the volume level is much lower than what you would find at a large all-inclusive family resort. These private villas are tucked into nature with a network of paths connecting them to communal areas. Plus, the level of service can be perfectly customized to you. Casa Chameleon at Las Catalinas makes for an ideal escape to promote relaxation, rejuvenation and a sense of peacefulness.

With Casa Chameleon as your home base during your visit to Costa Rica, there is an opportunity for adventure that is not to be missed while you’re here. It is not the tour bus that leaves at the same time, same place, with the same guide every day. This is about immersing yourself deeply into Costa Rica – its rich culture, its wild jungle, its mysterious waters. It’s a chance to soar like a Macaw above volcanoes, explore like a dolphin beneath its surface and spend a day like a “Tico”, a local.

Casa Chameleon has a special relationship with Origen Extraordinary Escapes because they are a special and unique team of adventurists who have the ability to make dreams come true, no matter who you are – families, couples, individuals and groups. These are excursions based on discovering things for the first time and exploring where nobody has been before. It’s about blazing a path, diving in whole-heartedly and checking things off your bucket list in any form that suits your interest and style.

Costa Rica Volcano

What began as a couple of guys working as scuba guides on live-aboard boats around Cocos Island, grew to become a team of travel experts and friends who dramatically transform the lives of travellers. Charm, empathy and knowledge are the qualities of the people on the Origen team who are there to help you discover the magic of Costa Rica.

Have you ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins? The Origen team has the skills, the knowledge and the passion to make it happen smoothly and seamlessly. Leave the planning to them, and let us tell you this is no simple task. Behind the scenes, it takes a search plane to initially find a pod of Spinner dolphins somewhere off the Southern coast and this is not a regular pod, it’s one of the largest known pods in the world known as a mega-pod. There is weather monitoring, satellite phones, marine biologists, spotter boats and intricate planning involved. When all the stars align, you are then flown to the destination and transported by yacht to view the action. As you witness these magical acrobatic creatures you might just be inspired to dive in with them and the tools are there to make it happen. With masks and flippers and Seabobs, you can embrace the opportunity to experience being one of the pod and feel truly alive. And at the end of the day, there is nothing more rewarding than relaxing by the pool with a cocktail after exhilarating adventures.

Visit Costa Rica

Life is short, live your dreams, don’t just dream them. With an experienced team like this you can rest assured you’re in good hands. Take a moment to discover Origen Extraordinary Escapes. You won’t be disappointed and you may be inspired to make your dreams a reality.

Are Hawaii, Mexico or Florida your typical vacation spots? Are they easy but perhaps becoming a bit mundane and touristy? The beaches might be getting busier, you’ve been to all the best local spots several times and you now actually bump into people you know. Why not change your view and seek some authentic culture, a little more adventure and a travel destination that is slightly off-the-beaten-path.

Costa Rica has it all – exquisite jungle-filled landscapes, a warm tropical climate, nutrient-rich local food, happy, friendly people and more adventures than you can imagine. All Casa Chameleon properties are situated within easy access to pristine beaches and lush jungle explorations.


Casa Chameleon Costa Rica Beach

Travelling to Costa Rica has become even easier over the past few years. Many major airlines now service both (LIR) Liberia Daniel Oduber Quiros Airport and (SJO) San Jose Juan Santamaria International Airport. (LIR) Liberia is the closest airport to Casa Chameleon Hotel at Las Catalinas, being just a short 45 minute drive away. (SJO) San Jose is also a great option for access to our hotels.

Casa Chameleon Beach

Once you arrive at Casa Chameleon, life slows down and your cares are left behind. It’s not just an ordinary drink beside the pool. It’s snorkeling blue waters and encountering tropical fish before breakfast, iguana spotting on rich rainforest hikes, friendly laughter with locals over fresh caught mahi mahi, and, at the end of the day, a quiet handcrafted cocktail in your villa where you can hang your hat and sink into peaceful comfort. Enjoy private pools that allow a true escape or custom spa services brought right to your door. And for the more adventurous types, experience zip-lining adrenaline and exhilarating helicopter tours. Casa Chameleon locations all evoke the true meaning of vacation – vacating your ordinary day-to-day life.

Casa Chameleon Costa Rica

There is something rare and special about this area of the world that we invite you to discover. Costa Rica is home to some of the healthiest, happiest and longest living people on the planet. Perhaps it’s the Vitamin D from abundant sunshine, perhaps it’s the whole food diet, or maybe it’s the family focussed and friendly way of living. Staying at Casa Chameleon is an opportunity of a lifetime where you can immerse yourself in the land of Pura Vida at its finest.

Lush, tropical Costa Rica is the perfect Valentine’s Day destination. Whether hiking or mountain biking through the jungle, snorkeling off the coast, or soaking up the sun at one of the many playas, you’ll have endless opportunities to revel in the romance. After all, Costa Rica often feels like it was made for lovers. Where else but Costa Rica can you explore rainforests, fishing coves, white sand beaches, cacao plantations, active volcanoes, hot springs, and more, all within a few hours from one another?

Costa Rica Villas

Natural beauty is all around you in Costa Rica, making it easy to see why visitors come from all around the world to renew their love, celebrate as newly weds or delight in a tropical paradise. Couples with an affinity for wildlife watching will be in their element here, as will couples who love kayaking, hiking, horseback riding or zipline adventuring. The best part is that you’ll be with the one you love, creating memories together with each new step you take.

Costa Rica and romance go hand in hand, and you’ll have an all-access pass when you stay at Casa Chameleon, the ultimate boutique luxury resort. Whether you stay at Las Catalinas or Mal Pais, you’ll awaken each morning enveloped in romance, from the intricate stone details to the glass-walled showers that overlook the coastline. You’ll set forth from relaxation and return to it each night, with the opportunity to watch the sunset from your very own infinity pool. Sunset in Costa Rica is a fiery, mesmerizing display, where the pinks, yellows and oranges mingle and dance gracefully across the sky.


This Valentine’s Day, come celebrate the season of love. Come to Casa Chameleon, where you’ll enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner complete with live sax music and a glass of sparkling wine. Seatings take place at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., the perfect time to enjoy the sun’s nightly dive and the evening’s after-twilight romance.

Locals love Costa Rica in any season, from the green season deluges that bring on gloriously lush foliage to the dry season sunshine that envelops everything in a warm embrace. Come late November, though, the tourism season comes into its annual awakening, with plenty of folks from cooler climes seeking out the pleasant temperatures and endless adventures. These months haven’t reached peak tourist arrival yet, which lets you enjoy the landscape without the crowds.

The fine weather is the initial driver, with Costa Rica seeing just one hour less each day during the dry season. Such proximity to the Equator leaves plenty of lengthy days that give you that many more hours to relax, play and repeat. The Nicoya Peninsula sees the driest, sunniest conditions, and all of this adds up to the ideal playground for Casa Chameleon guests.

Costa Rica Holiday Season

Whether you choose Las Catalinas or Mal Pais as your staycation home base, you’ll be immersed in Costa Rica’s warm, friendly culture and inviting landscape. Late November and December offer ways to join locals at holiday celebrations and other events, but these months also provide exciting opportunities to enjoy nature in motion.

Species like the leatherback sea turtles arrive at Las Baulas National Marine Park during October, and they remain for nesting season right through December. These marine creatures are endangered, which makes their annual appearance all the more spectacular.

For additional sea turtle sightings, you can head to Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, an important nesting site for the critically endangered olive ridley sea turtle. Nesting season peters out in December, but there will be numerous chances to see the arribadas of sea turtles on the beach.

If you’d rather head into the rainforest, you’ll discover incredible species like howler monkeys, quetzals and macaws. Migratory birds from North America are also making their way south during this time, so you just might see some familiar faces amongst the tropical species!

Costa Rica Beach Horse Ride

You’ll also want to delve into the local traditions. Holidays are important to Costa Ricans, representing a time of celebration and a renewal of pura vida living. November sees the Día de los Muertos (All Souls Day), El Desfile de Carretas (Oxcart Parade) and various ecotourism festivals. You’ll also get the chance to see the Costa Rica International Film Festival if you’re just starting out in San Jose. December brings Fiesta de la Yeguita (Virgin of Guadalupe Parade), Fiesta de los Negritos (Immaculate Conception), Christmas celebrations, Día de los Inocentes (Fool’s Day) and other holiday festivities.

Whether you want to travel for cultural adventures or memorable wildlife sightings, you’ll spend each moment in Costa Rica in awe. Casa Chameleon Las Catalinas and Mal Pais are ready to welcome you to their own slice of Costa Rican splendor.

All throughout Costa Rica, sustainability reigns supreme. From renewable energy to biodiversity preservation, Costa Rica is a country with its heart and its policies on the same path. No matter where you go in Costa Rica, you’ll be encouraged to help keep the country healthy and beautiful for future generations.

Locals are happy, and their smiles tell you something good must be taking place. Did you know that of 140 countries examined for the Happy Planet Index, Costa Rica sits at the No. 1 spot? Plus, with a life expectancy of 79 years and a consistent well-being of 7.3/10, this country is serious about good, sustainable living. In addition, Costa Rica plans to fully ban single use plastics by 2021, further helping the environment and local wildlife.

Costa Rica Eco tourism

A Look Back: Making a Mark

Yet Costa Rica wasn’t always so focused on sustainability. In fact, things looked a bit dire in the 1980s, when Costa Rica’s forests covered just 21 percent of the land. Government officials knew something needed to change to help bring vitality back to the land, the people and the economy. They took significant steps during the 1990s to overturn their habits and bring back a greener, cleaner land, with eco-tourism becoming one of the driving factors.

Casa Chameleon Green Planet

A Look Ahead: Ecotourism for All

When you travel to Costa Rica, you’re helping support the land, water, air and wildlife. Ecotourism is big, and the success of each passing day shows just how important it is for locals and tourists alike.

The global climate is changing, and the repercussions show exactly why “live green” or “be green” aren’t just passing phrases. When you come to Costa Rica’s green lands, you inadvertently help the country fund environmental and sustainable projects as well as reforestation efforts. You also help provide access to education and community learning. You can even take part in volunteer efforts that put you right in the heart of all that goodness.

Casa Chameleon Eco Friendly

How Casa Chameleon Takes Part

That level of dedication to sustainability and green initiatives is right at home at Casa Chameleon. Whether you join us for a stay at Ocio Villas, Mal Pais or Las Catalinas, you’ll feel the love we feel for the environment. Costa Rica possesses more than 5 percent of the world’s biodiversity, and we want to ensure it remains that way. Thanks to our beach cleanups, non-toxic cleaning products and responsibly managed wood products, we can do our part to help keep our forests rich in local flora and fauna. All of our properties are committed to saving water and energy, and we source all meals sustainably.

When you experience life at Casa Chameleon, you’ll be able to play, relax, share and grow, all in one place. Come enjoy life to its fullest with Casa Chameleon. Your bond with nature and the community awaits.

A Small Country with a Huge Vision

Imagine a magical place where nature surrounds you; an alluring concentration of beauty, rainforests, beaches, landscapes, microclimates and biodiversity. One of the happiest places in the globe, and the world’s capital of hummingbirds.

This is Costa Rica. Consisting only 0.03% of the Earth’s mass, this small country proudly holds 5% of its flora and fauna. 25% of the country is composed of protected areas. Located in the heart of America, it is guided by two seas. The deep green of this dreamlike area entices those seeking for relaxation and adventure, and in its essence lies the preservation and care for the environment. Its commitment to sustainability is undeniable.

You’ll be welcomed (and amazed) by the warmth, education and authenticity of its people; they are unique, happy and caring. Costa Rica is a Nation standing in peace through a long-standing democracy. In fact, this Central American country is one of the only two countries in the world that has not had an army since the year 1949.

“Pura Vida” (pure life) is the country’s law. Locals know how to have fun, and be joyful. And so will you, when you get there.

Green, happiness, solidarity, talent, innovation, quality, biodiversity, transformation… this is Essential Costa Rica.

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the world’s most unique tourist destinations. The natural beauty, stunning beaches, pleasant climate and the peaceful easy going nature of Costa Ricans make the country an attractive, must see part of the world.


  • Social and political stability, it’s the oldest Democracy in Latin America.
  • Strategic geographic location.
  • Unique natural attractions.
  • Tremendous diversity in a small territory: Steaming volcanoes, mountains, rivers, Pacific and Atlantic Coast, micro climates, rain forest, cloud forest and dry forest.
  • Costa Rica has nearly 5% of the world’s species of flora and fauna in 0.03% of the earth’s surface. It has a wide diversity of habitats, climates and scenery.
  • Rich natural and scenic heritage is protected in a country-wide system of national parks and private reserves. It has more preserved nature than any other country.
  • Unrivaled adventure activities: forest hikes, whitewater rafting, zip lining by the tree canopy and all ocean adventures like scuba diving, sea kayaking, swimming, surfing, etc.
  • Natural hospitality: Survey after survey, the innate friendliness of the Costa Rican people is cited as one of our country’s greatest assets.
  • Excellent medical services.

Environmental Performance Index:

  • 5th in the world.
  • 1st in Latin America.
  • 30% of the budget is invested in education. Best educational system in Latin America, 36th worldwide, World Economic Forum, 2007-2008.

Green Costa Rica

In Costa Rica you will experience tropical ecosystems, vast vegetation, pleasant climate, topography, insects and birds.  Costa Rica protects approximately 26 percent of its national territory in national parks, wildlife reserves, forest preserves and private reserves.

Costa Rica’s Biodiversity in Numbers

  • Our country holds among the greatest density of species of all countries in the world. This means that on 1 trip, travelers are likely to come in contact with more biodiversity than other places.
  • Costa Rica packs 4.5% of the world’s known plants and animals (90,000 species) in just .03% of the planet’s surface.
  • The country is 1 of the top 20 places with more biodiversity in the world and one of the top 10 most rich rainforest ecosystems.

Race Venue: Playas del Coco, Guanacaste

With more than 400 miles of coast line, the Guanacaste tourism area comprises the Pacific Coast area from the border of Nicaragua to the Bongo River estuary in the Nicoya Peninsula. This area boasts a significant number of protected areas including water, land, mountain, and coastal ecosystems that are teaming with life.

The incomparable beauty of its landscapes, ranges from tropical dry forests to lowland mountain forests, warm climate, and flourishing nature.  All along the Guanacaste coastline are a number of beaches where you can swim in their warm Pacific Ocean waters. The coastal landscape is exceptional. There is an array of white-sand beaches and calm, intense-blue waters.


There are two commercial centers located in the northern area: Liberia and Santa Cruz, which, in turn, are linked with five important tourism development centers: Papagayo, El Coco, Flamingo, Conchal, and Tamarindo. In the southern area, the commercial center is Nicoya with Samara being the development center.



The 2017 IRONMAN 70.3 Costa Rica offers 35 qualifying slots to the 2017 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Source: Ironman Official site