Cheers to a Delicious Local Cocktail Made With ‘Chicha’

Cocktail Made With Chicha

Hello, Travelers! At Casa Chameleon, as a welcome to our hotel guests, our Chef Pabro Sanchez has created the ‘Chicha del Chef’ — a refreshing cocktail made with ‘chicha’ — traditional purple maize. A wonder to the agriculture world and one of the oldest crops, maize has thousands of different species and for years, locals have made a drink ‘chicha’ from the purple variety.

Here’s the recipe if you are interested in making this cocktail at home!
First, make the chicha;
Add ears of purple corn to a large pot and fill with water. Bring water and corn to a boil and then set a timer for 10 mins. Strain the juice and add sugar to taste. (At Casa Chameleon, we make our own sugar syrup with lime and lemongrass). Let this mixture cool, or chill in fridge.
For the cocktail;
Fill a glass with ice to the top. Pour over 2 oz of rum, 1 oz of fresh passionfruit juice, and then fill with the chilled ‘Chicha’ and garnish with a fruit wedge!

It’s the perfect welcome for guests arriving in the stunning surrounds of Malpaís, and a refreshing drink that honors the local culture and traditions of the indigenous people.


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