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Casa Chameleon Hotels is going green in a big way and leading the charge in town trying to inspire other businesses to do the same. Our staff understands that to keep this world and the best beaches in Costa Rica beautiful, we’ve got to take care of them. That doesn’t just mean beach walk cleanups, it’s about attacking the problem at the source and Casa Chameleon Hotels is looking to do just that. Let us share with you a few ways you’ll be participating in the movement just by relaxing and enjoying your stay here.

Green Initiatives Costa Rica

Before you even get here, Casa Chameleon Hotels has already taken many green initiatives. Upon entering your room you’ll find energy efficient lighting illuminating responsibly managed forest woods and the baths have been outfitted with water conserving fixtures as well as organic bath products. Our staff respects the local fauna and flora and we reflect that in monthly beach cleanups for staff along with the use of eco-friendly cleaning products. We could go on and on about our sustainable food supply chain, composting or plant-a-tree program, but we’d rather you just come and see all of it in person.

One of the biggest pollution problems for beaches around the world since its invention has been plastic and walking down the beach you’ll find a large portion of the plastic garbage to be made up of straws and bags. This detail really hit home at Casa Chameleon Hotels where we’ve taken our green movement to the next level by promoting the use of canvas bags and more excitingly transitioning to the use of local ecological straws. Produced by Constantino Morales and his family here on the peninsula, these amazing artisanal bamboo straws are hand cut, cleaned and dried over long periods of time before making it to our lovely hotel. They’ll instantly give any drink a tropical vibe on top of the good feelings that come along with helping the environment. We welcome you to ask to take a few home to share with your friends along with the stories you’ll tell of you stay with us, in Mal Pais.

Mal pais Costa Rica beach

Casa Chameleon Hotels took it a step further and recently eliminated the use of plastic bottles as well. In conjunction with the Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers, a division of the worldwide Waterkeeper Alliance organization, our staff has started stocking entirely renewable “bottled” water in beautifully designed cartons as well as a glass water bottle program with refill stations. Reminiscent of an old milk carton with tropical flair, Rainforest Water tastes more refreshing than store bought water that’s been sitting in plastic bottles for months on end. It’s bottled here in Costa Rica too, so you can find out exactly which rainforest your Rainforest Water is coming from. Another entertaining feature that comes along with our new water cartons is that they come with a downloadable playlist to get you even further into the Pura Vida vibe.

So, come have a stay in either one of our hotels in Santa Teresa or Las Catalinas and make a statement about the way you want to take care of the world. Relax, enjoy the vibe, and feel at ease that Casa Chameleon Hotels is doing everything possible to keep this place beautiful for your next visit.

Casa Chameleon green eco initiatives

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