Always Growing Something New

Casa Chameleon is known for curating the most wonderful experience for our guests, and we are excited to share the newest addition in our ongoing commitment to sustainability – the Greenhouse Garden at Sentido Norte. Opening in December of 2019 with a first harvest anticipated in January of 2020, the Greenhouse Garden will become a hub for an exciting new series of events to further elevate our guests’ experience.

Capturing a Contemporary Aesthetic in the Heart of Nature – Meet the Greenhouse Garden

Embracing the unity between fresh, wholesome ingredients and physical wellbeing, the Greenhouse Garden is a welcome addition to the Casa Chameleon pura vida philosophy. Overlooking the Costa Rican jungle and beach, the greenhouse offers an oasis of calm for our guests to relax and be surrounded by nature.

The Garden Welcomes Guests To…


Start the day surrounded by nature

Unwind after a spa day or work out

Take a break throughout the day

Discovering Costa Rica’s Culinary World

After strolling through the greenhouse garden, we invite our guests to head up to Sentido Norte Restaurant for an authentic Costa Rican experience and dishes crafted from hand-picked ingredients. Inspired to showcase the country’s culinary identity, both Chef Jose and the ownership are advocates for fresh, local produce and combinations that bring together the country’s harvest to present the culinary passion deeply rooted in Costa Rica’s cultural heritage. Their commitment to perfection has been internationally recognized – Sentido Norte has been rated one of the most romantic restaurants in the world by CNN thanks to its picturesque location and outstanding menu.

Costa Rica Restaurant Cnn Award

As part of our ongoing efforts to highlight the very best of Costa Rican cuisine, we are excited to announce the second annual Guanacaste Nights, a two-day celebration of tradition and gastronomy featuring six renowned chefs, amazing food and drink, live music and stunning scenery.  After a day of exploring the town, enjoying the beach and the one-of-a-kind experiences Costa Rica offers, guests can continue their cultural deep dive by discovering the unique ingredients and flavors of the Guanacaste region.

Join us for Guanacaste Nights To…


Learn more about local gastronomy

Enjoy fantastic food and pairings

Get lost in the exquisite scenery

Guanacaste Event Costa Rica

Intertwined by Sustainability

The link that connects every part of Casa Chameleon, besides the strive to provide excellence, is our Green Initiatives movement that puts respect and sustainability in the focus. From efficient water-saving fixtures and responsible landscaping to choosing local products and energy-efficient lighting, our sustainable practices are constantly evolving and expanding.

We value transparency – to learn more about our efforts, please view our Sustainability Report.

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