How to Crack Open a Coconut

Fresh coconut tastes great and is highly nutritious, but cracking one open is pretty intimidating.  Luckily, the Casa Chameleon staff are coconut-cracking pros, and they’ve agreed to share their secret on how to crack open a coconut. Follow the steps below to crack open a coconut like the local Ticos.

Step 1: Pick a fresh coconut.  Did you know that coconuts take about a year to fully ripen?  The best coconuts still have water in them, and the husks will be turning from bright green to brown.  To determine if there’s still water inside, shake the coconut next to your ear.

Step 2: Carefully shave off approximately one third of the coconut lengthwise.  Because coconut shells are incredibly tough, the best tool for this is a machete.  Keep removing the outer shell until you see the outline of the smaller core of the coconut.

Step 3: Cut a hole in the core and drink the coconut water.  Once you’ve found the core, cut a small hole in it. Put a straw into the core of the fruit, and enjoy the nutritious coconut water.  Stocked with potassium and electrolytes, we’ve heard it’s the perfect cure after a night out.

Step 4: Cut the coconut in half.  After you drink the water, use the machete to carefully cut the coconut in half lengthwise.  This allows you access to the white meat that lines the inside of the shell.

Step 5: Scrape out the coconut meat.  Use a spoon to gently scrape the white meat from the inside of the coconut.  Fresh coconut can be eaten straight from the shell or it can be incorporated into numerous recipes and drinks.  Pina colada anyone?


How To Crack Open a Coconut

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