Meet the Locals Behind Our Sea-to-Table Approach

Collaborating with local vendors and helping our fellow tribe members thrive have been at the heart of Casa Chameleon since we’ve first opened our doors. Guided by this passion, our team is always ready to experience the lifestyle of those who support us and help Costa Rica flourish. Earlier this year, we visited Isla Chira to learn more about the one of our country’s biggest fishing areas – and we’d love for you to virtually join us on this adventure!

Stepping into the Fishing Paradise

Isla Chira, Costa Rica’s second biggest island, is home to over 3,000 people and 120 families who depend on the sea for their living. The locals of Isla Chira form a close-knit community and have been showing the world an example by staying true to the sustainable traditions of fishing. To protect their fishing area, the families have established guidelines that have a deep connection with nature: rather than using nets, they only allow hand-line fishing and using baits.

Meeting Captain Cocoroco

Jorge, better known as Cocoroco in the area, helped us delve into the daily life of the fisherman who look after this magical island. With his kindness and passion for his craft, he offered an easy approach to learning about sustainable fishing – alongside the daily catch, which was just as impressive as the stories we heard about him.

After spending a few days with him, one thing was for sure: when fishing with Captain Cocoroco, we never have to go home empty-handed.

Shining a spotlight on Sea-to-Table Approach

Isla Chira has played an important role in our restaurants’ menus even before our visit. We believe that cutting out any unnecessary processing not only offers an important lesson on how to live with nature, but also guarantees the best flavors. Getting 80% of our seabass directly from this area helps us keep our product fresh and our team inspired. This appreciation for the highest quality, regionally-sourced produce is reflected in every dish of Brasas del Mar & Sentido Norte, whether it is served alongside our signature tico slaw and guacamole or boldly seasoned and charred to perfection.

Sea To Table Fish
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