Staff Spotlight: Meet Jose Luis, Sous Chef

Each month we like to introduce our readers to one of our wonderful team members here at Hotel Casa Chameleon. This month we talked with Jose Luis, our amazing sous chef at the hotel. Depending on how your stay with us is we feel it is an important part of the experience to connect our guests with our dedicated staff members. Hotel Casa Chameleon prides itself on making all our guests feel like part of our family here in Santa Teresa, even if you only stay a short time! Read the full interview below and get to know Jose Luis a little bit more! Hope to see you all in paradise soon!

  1. Where are you from & how long have you lived in Santa Teresa?

I am a Costa Rican born native. I was born in the southern part of this wonderful country but decided to move to the beautiful beaches of Mal Pais & Santa Teresa 12 years ago!

  1. Why or what made you move to Santa Teresa?

12 years ago I came to this town to visit my sister who was in Santa Teresa. She showed me such a wonderful time and I immediately fell in love with the town. I loved the whole vibe and community that I knew I would want to live here full time and now I do!

  1. Describe your job at Hotel Casa Chameleon.

This is my second time working at the award winning Hotel Casa Chameleon actually. A few years ago I worked here for just over a year and enjoyed it very much. However, this time I just started back in August as the Sous Chef to our restaurants Chef. I love being a chef as you are able to give a message and express so much without saying a single word at all. This is one of the most amazing things about working with such delicious and fresh ingredients that we are so lucky to have in Costa Rica.

Staff Casa Chameleon Jose Luis

  1. What is your favorite part about Santa Teresa and Costa Rica?

Without a doubt there are so many wonderful aspects and parts to living in Costa Rica, and especially in our special paradise of Santa Teresa that it is hard to say what my one favorite part is. Over the years of living here I have met so many wonderful people from all over the world that I think this is one of the best parts of this town. Our town and community has people from everywhere that makes it so special. I have been so lucky to make such good friends and I am very thankful for every one of my amazing friends!

  1. What is your favorite part about Hotel Casa Chameleon?

Hotel Casa Chameleon is a great place to work that it is hard to say what my favorite part of working here is. Everyday we try to give our guests an incomparable experience through our culinary skills that is very special to me and I enjoy giving our clients the best holiday. A great thing about working at our breathtaking hotel is of course our special guests. We are so fortunate that we get to meet people from everywhere and to be able to give them the best vacation and holiday is one of the best things about working at Hotel Casa Chameleon.


  1. What are your top 3 tips or suggestions for visitors?

Of course most of our visitors come for the stunning beaches and surfing. In Santa Teresa and Playa Hermosa we have some of the best beaches of all of Costa Rica! There are so many secluded spots to enjoy with your loved ones here. Spending a day enjoying the warm waters, soft sand and beautiful scenery is by far one of the best things to do while visiting. Another great activity is to explore the jungles, nature and wildlife of our area. Costa Rica is one of the best places to see plush jungle surrounding and exciting new things. Lastly, I would hope that our guests enjoy and support our local business and Costa Rican gastronomic heritage, this can ensure that our cultural experiences will be passed along for years to come!

  1. What does Pura Vida mean to you?

Pura Vida means so much to this wonderful country and to everyone it might mean something different. To me, Pura Vida, meaning pure life, translates to the mother of all best wishes. It is a way to express gratitude, greetings and good thoughts to all those special people you meet along the way.

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