Sustainability on a National Level

All throughout Costa Rica, sustainability reigns supreme. From renewable energy to biodiversity preservation, Costa Rica is a country with its heart and its policies on the same path. No matter where you go in Costa Rica, you’ll be encouraged to help keep the country healthy and beautiful for future generations.

Locals are happy, and their smiles tell you something good must be taking place. Did you know that of 140 countries examined for the Happy Planet Index, Costa Rica sits at the No. 1 spot? Plus, with a life expectancy of 79 years and a consistent well-being of 7.3/10, this country is serious about good, sustainable living. In addition, Costa Rica plans to fully ban single use plastics by 2021, further helping the environment and local wildlife.

Costa Rica Eco tourism

A Look Back: Making a Mark

Yet Costa Rica wasn’t always so focused on sustainability. In fact, things looked a bit dire in the 1980s, when Costa Rica’s forests covered just 21 percent of the land. Government officials knew something needed to change to help bring vitality back to the land, the people and the economy. They took significant steps during the 1990s to overturn their habits and bring back a greener, cleaner land, with eco-tourism becoming one of the driving factors.

Casa Chameleon Green Planet

A Look Ahead: Ecotourism for All

When you travel to Costa Rica, you’re helping support the land, water, air and wildlife. Ecotourism is big, and the success of each passing day shows just how important it is for locals and tourists alike.

The global climate is changing, and the repercussions show exactly why “live green” or “be green” aren’t just passing phrases. When you come to Costa Rica’s green lands, you inadvertently help the country fund environmental and sustainable projects as well as reforestation efforts. You also help provide access to education and community learning. You can even take part in volunteer efforts that put you right in the heart of all that goodness.

Casa Chameleon Eco Friendly

How Casa Chameleon Takes Part

That level of dedication to sustainability and green initiatives is right at home at Casa Chameleon. Whether you join us for a stay at Ocio Villas, Mal Pais or Las Catalinas, you’ll feel the love we feel for the environment. Costa Rica possesses more than 5 percent of the world’s biodiversity, and we want to ensure it remains that way. Thanks to our beach cleanups, non-toxic cleaning products and responsibly managed wood products, we can do our part to help keep our forests rich in local flora and fauna. All of our properties are committed to saving water and energy, and we source all meals sustainably.

When you experience life at Casa Chameleon, you’ll be able to play, relax, share and grow, all in one place. Come enjoy life to its fullest with Casa Chameleon. Your bond with nature and the community awaits.

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