What’s All This Talk About “Blue Zones”?

You’ll see us reference that the Nicoya Peninsula, where Hotel Casa Chameleon is located, is one of the 7 official blue zones on the planet quite frequently. After all who wouldn’t promote the fact that where they live, people have a habit of living over the age of 100 more than most anywhere else. But what is a “Blue Zone” really? Well Hotel Casa Chameleon aims to break it down for you and share a few tips of our own on how to add some years to your life by simply visiting one of the best beaches in Costa Rica.

First, it’s all about being social. People need people. It’s as simple as that and now studies have shown that social interaction can actually extend your life. Our staff here at Hotel Casa Chameleon understand that fully, which is why we’ll spend no time charming you into a friendship so we can share stories, experiences, and laughs that our beautiful home of Mal Pais offers. It’s the Pura Vida way to slow down and say hello, but in Santa Teresa, they take it even farther. Across the board, you’ll find that people will prioritize crossing the street to say hello and have a brief conversation over being somewhere on time and it seems that little bit of extra effort goes a long way.

Blue Zone Costa Rica

How about fuel? If you want your car to run like a race car, you’ll have to put a high-quality fuel in it and the same goes for your body. One characteristic all blue zones share is that their populations are eating fresh, local, highly nutritional foods and in Santa Teresa you’ll find it’s no different. We’ve introduced you to the great flavors and styles of cuisine around town. You already know one of the best activities to do from Playa Hermosa to Mal Pais is to eat, but what’s better is where ever you go you’re sure to have the highest quality ingredients. Fresh fruits such as papaya, mango, lime, and starfruit grow so abundantly they can be plucked from the side of the road and the close proximity of local organic farms means you’re getting the maximum number of living enzymes to keep your clock ticking. It’s easy to accidentally eat vegetarian or vegan all week without ever realizing it with a variety of tasty nuts and legumes nutritiously snuck into otherwise common dishes. Who would have thought one of the best surf and yoga spots in Costa Rica would also have such rich and healthy cuisine!?

Yoga Pilates Costa Rica

Now that your body is running on high-octane fuel, you’re ready for adventure and it’s easy to see most of the locals living in the area have a bit of a flair for it. Walking down the road you’ll notice beach body after beach body but it won’t be because everyone is pumping iron like on Venice Beach. Some of the best activities around are yoga, surfing, cycling and diving. Add on to that climbing, martial arts, snorkeling, hiking and kayaking; and well, you see. You name it and there is someone here that does it every single day. It’s a regular cornucopia of the best healthy things to do. Part of living a long and healthy life is staying active and here there’s no shortage of love for exercise in Mal Pais. So, make a friend and discover a new hobby they’re passionate about. You might find yourself loving it so much that you’ll still be doing it every day in another 70 years!

Stress can be contagious and we know, if you’re looking for a vacation, you’ll be looking to get away from the stress of home. Well rest assured that the Playa Carmen area is one of the most laid back places you’ll ever visit. It can take a few days to get used to the slow pace but when you do, you’ll realize how wonderful it can be when you go days without even the word “stress” crossing the mind. There’s no real idea of punctuality here, no sense of urgency. Better to take the time to enjoy the vistas and the sand beneath your feet. Studies regarding blue zones would suggest that taking that little extra time to simply enjoy everyday things, can actually buy you a little extra time here on Earth too.

So, come enjoy the jungle, take a load off and relax with a sense of adventure. From food to activities and people to vibe we’ll show you how wonderfully fulfilling living longer can actually be! Stop and ask any of our Hotel Casa Chameleon staff members their favorite things to do on their day off and try to take a page out of their books. They’re even likely to invite you along and give you a few more tips to longer living “blue zone style,” in paradise along the way.

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