Giving Back To Our Tribe – The Essential Food Basket Program

The past few months have challenged the entire world, including our Casa Chameleon tribe to be more creative and connected than ever. Besides bringing the Costa Rican flare to our past and future guests’ homes and offering a little escape from busy days, we have also been working hard to look after our employees.

It is our priority and duty to take care of our team, the people who embrace the world of hospitality with a refreshing, lighthearted openness. Over the years, their kindness transformed our resort into a home for many travelers. Whether through telling stories or sharing local secrets, our wonderful employees invited many to join a close-knit community, and it was time we thanked their efforts with additional support.

Food Support Costa Rica

The Essential Food Basket Program

To show our gratitude, we established a care-package project and baskets filled with delicious essentials and fresh produce throughout the months of April, May and June.

Our Casa Chameleon family has always been determined to look after every member and spark some joy when times are challenging. The amazing response from across all our different sectors showed us that no matter what surprises we have to face, we can always rely on each other. The power of our tribe will always help us create a positive impact, and we are proud to share this heartwarming story.

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