Top 5 Reasons To Visit Costa Rica During Green Season

In general there are two seasons here in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Dry season, which starts in late November and goes until around May and then “green” season starts in May until November. Many travelers think that our green season means its rainy season but if you ask any local chances are they regard the green season as the best time to visit Santa Teresa.

Below are just our top 5 reasons why traveling to Costa Rica during the green season is arguably better than dry season.

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  1. Less People

Since most tourists come to Mal Pais during the high season, the green season generally has less crowds. This means you can explore national parks, waterfalls and our pristine Santa Teresa beaches all to yourself! Not having to fight through crowds also gives you an opportunity to learn more about the countries culture and even get to know some of the locals.

  1. Cooler Weather

Typically sunny and with temperatures in the high 90’s during the dry season, Santa Teresa cools down during the months of May-October which is great for enjoying daytime activities in the area. Other than the occasional tropical rainfall, which usually only lasts a short time, the cool ocean breezes allow for great morning & days at the beach and warm, idyllic evenings in Santa Teresa.

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  1. Better Waves

Not only are the waves better during the green season since there are less people out enjoying them but the conditions are actually thought of by the locals in Mal Pais as better and more consistent, due to the abundance of south and south west swells during this time of year. Early off-shores and then light sea breezes tend to be the pattern with the occasional afternoon glass-off. This time of year really allows for everyday surf with no lack of waves to go around.

  1. Nature & Wildlife

With the start of the occasion rain during the green season, not only do all the plants and nature flourish, becoming plush jungles of vibrant greens, but the wildlife becomes more alive as well. With the cooler weather and “wet” jungles, the animals come to enjoy the beautiful Costa Rican jungles as well. Birds, monkeys, pizotes, butterflies and more all make appearances more frequently during these months, making it ideal for nature and wildlife lovers.


  1. Discounts

During the months of May to early November many places in Santa Teresa and Mal Pais offer great discounts for the green season. From airlines offering special flight prices, car rental companies lowering their rates and hotels offering promotional prices, travelers can save money by traveling to Costa Rica during these months. Currently, Hotel Casa Chameleon has been offering rates up to 25% off the normal peak season prices.

These are just a few of the reasons why travelers should visit Santa Teresa beaches during the green season. You will be sure to enjoy your trip in paradise without compromising any of the true pura vida experience.

Contact us today to book your trip to Hotel Casa Chameleon in beautiful and peaceful Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

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