What to Pack on Vacation to Costa Rica

Yes! You have booked your trip and are starting to plan… but the next question is, ”What to pack on vacation to Costa Rica?”. There are a few of the basics that you should definitely include, but there are also some expert tips from our team at Casa Chameleon that should really keep you feeling well prepared and relaxed during your stay.

  1. Light Raincoat/Jacket
    Depending on when you visit, there may be some afternoon or midday showers during your stay. (Usually, May through November) It’s always handy to have a light waterproof jacket that can protect you from the elements. It can also keep you covered and warm when hiking or visiting attractions like Costa Rica’s volcanoes.
  2. Passport (Valid for 6 months)
    Visitors to Costa Rica must enter the country with a valid passport that has an expiration date no less than 6 months after the date of entry. Many citizens are allowed entry into Costa Rica for a stay up to 90 days without a visa, others are subject to visa applications.
  3. Driver’s License
    If you want to rent a car to travel from the airport to Casa Chameleon, or explore the many wonderful areas of the country, a valid drivers license will be required. Usually, when renting ATV’s you will be required to show a drivers license as well.
  4. Sun Protection
    This one may seem simple, but making sure you have sunglasses, hats and other coverups is a great way to stay protected from the country’s tropical sun. Pack a floppy beach hat thats easy to fold into your bag and you’re all ready for some surf, sun and sand!
    *It’s also a good idea to pack a rash guard shirt if you plan to try surfing! 
  5. Closed Toe Shoes
    There are many opportunities to get out and explore the beaches, rainforests and more when in Costa Rica. Having a closed toe shoe that’s waterproof, but also has tread for dirt roads and trails are definitely worth bringing!
  6. Long Pants
    Though it is warm in Costa Rica, having a light weight pair of pants that cover your legs can be great protection for activities like hiking through the jungle, or going horse back riding. This is especially important if you find yourself sensitive to mosquitoes or gnats.
  7. Camera, GoPro or Binoculars
    Some of you may feel like you are weary to bring your camera to a tropical country, where so many activities are outdoors or active and exposed to the elements. Our team at Casa Chameleon say to ‘pack it!’ There are incredible sunsets, nature, scenic hikes and native animals to capture, it’s worth having your camera by your side.
  8. Local Currency
    It’s always a good idea to have at least a small amount of local currency in notes and coins, as not every vendor etc, will take credit cards. It’s especially important if you will be driving on the new highway (Autopistas Del Sol/Highway 27) as this is a toll road. In this case, having local coins will be super helpful.
  9. iPod or iPhone
    Our villas are equipped with stations for you to sync your iPod or iPhone and then play your own music during your visit. Sit back in the lush surroundings, with views of the ocean and listen to your favorite tunes!
  10. Local Maps for Driving Directions
    Many of the roads in Costa Rica are unpaved and so knowing where you are traveling is super smart. The use of cellphone navigation can be spotty, so having your route mapped and printed before you travel is always a great way to go. You can explore and plan out your drive here.*For things like sunscreen, and bug repellent, you can visit local stores in Costa Rica and purchase these for your stay.*

We hope that our packing list has helped prepare you for your vacation and stay with us at Casa Chameleon. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. The team at CC can’t wait to host you soon! Pura Vida.

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