Step Away From It All: Why November and December Are Ideal Months for a Costa Rican Adventure

Locals love Costa Rica in any season, from the green season deluges that bring on gloriously lush foliage to the dry season sunshine that envelops everything in a warm embrace. Come late November, though, the tourism season comes into its annual awakening, with plenty of folks from cooler climes seeking out the pleasant temperatures and endless adventures. These months haven’t reached peak tourist arrival yet, which lets you enjoy the landscape without the crowds.

The fine weather is the initial driver, with Costa Rica seeing just one hour less each day during the dry season. Such proximity to the Equator leaves plenty of lengthy days that give you that many more hours to relax, play and repeat. The Nicoya Peninsula sees the driest, sunniest conditions, and all of this adds up to the ideal playground for Casa Chameleon guests.

Costa Rica Holiday Season

Whether you choose Las Catalinas or Mal Pais as your staycation home base, you’ll be immersed in Costa Rica’s warm, friendly culture and inviting landscape. Late November and December offer ways to join locals at holiday celebrations and other events, but these months also provide exciting opportunities to enjoy nature in motion.

Species like the leatherback sea turtles arrive at Las Baulas National Marine Park during October, and they remain for nesting season right through December. These marine creatures are endangered, which makes their annual appearance all the more spectacular.

For additional sea turtle sightings, you can head to Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, an important nesting site for the critically endangered olive ridley sea turtle. Nesting season peters out in December, but there will be numerous chances to see the arribadas of sea turtles on the beach.

If you’d rather head into the rainforest, you’ll discover incredible species like howler monkeys, quetzals and macaws. Migratory birds from North America are also making their way south during this time, so you just might see some familiar faces amongst the tropical species!

Costa Rica Beach Horse Ride

You’ll also want to delve into the local traditions. Holidays are important to Costa Ricans, representing a time of celebration and a renewal of pura vida living. November sees the Día de los Muertos (All Souls Day), El Desfile de Carretas (Oxcart Parade) and various ecotourism festivals. You’ll also get the chance to see the Costa Rica International Film Festival if you’re just starting out in San Jose. December brings Fiesta de la Yeguita (Virgin of Guadalupe Parade), Fiesta de los Negritos (Immaculate Conception), Christmas celebrations, Día de los Inocentes (Fool’s Day) and other holiday festivities.

Whether you want to travel for cultural adventures or memorable wildlife sightings, you’ll spend each moment in Costa Rica in awe. Casa Chameleon Las Catalinas and Mal Pais are ready to welcome you to their own slice of Costa Rican splendor.

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