About Casa Chameleon Hotels at Las Catalinas and Mal Pais

The Pura Vida Vision

Together we – Charles Nolan, Brent Reynolds and Daniella Carazo-Reynolds – make up the Casa Chameleon partners. We fell in love with the natural wonder of Costa Rica’s landscape as well as everything the pura vida lifestyle had to offer. In simple terms, pura vida means seizing the endless opportunity for spontaneous adventure, appreciating fresh food with great company, and experiencing a joie de vivre.

After exploring Costa Rica, we had a vision to bring this lifestyle to those with wanderlust and a thirst for adventure. Our vision was as pure as pura vida: a vacation that feels more like coming home than a momentary escape. Something small-scale and authentically exhilarating that lets more people experience the real Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Beach
Costa Rica Chameleon

Essentially, our goal is for you to stay, relax and explore. For you to feel free to tour the jungle, gravitate toward the ocean’s blue depths and sandy beaches, and then return to the comfort of your villa to feast on the local cuisine. And of course, you can rest easy knowing you have access to local expertise and suggestions to do it all again the next day.

Costa Rica Ocio Sky
Costa Rica Casa Chameleon Ocean
Costa Rica Life
Costa Rica Casa Chameleon Bicycle

The Casa Chameleon Collection, as we know it today, was born of extensive research, site planning and creativity. The result is a handcrafted vacation as it should be: a warm welcome, rich privacy, authentic experiences, and endless adventure.

A sought after haven for modern explorers, Casa Chameleon is home to those who seek ocean views, tropical adventure, romantic, adult-only privacy, and the pura vida lifestyle. With deep blue seas and lush verdant lands, Casa Chameleon is tropical paradise embodied.

Casa Chameleon Mal País Is Born

Call it fate, call it destiny, or call it an accident, we found a trio of villas deep in the Costa Rican jungle in Mal País, a perfect match that would turn out to be the moment Casa Chameleon was born. Casa Chameleon at Mal Pais is comprised of just ten adult-only rustic villas that were designed to maximize the Pura Vida lifestyle and promise an uninterrupted, peaceful escape.

Whether you’re looking for an epic surf vacation, or space to unwind and surround yourself with the tranquility of nature, Mal Pais is a bucket list destination that will not disappoint. From intrepid explorers to yoginis to adventurists, all are welcome to enjoy the unique ambience of our home away from home. Mal Pais is our first location, and we cherish it for its rustic charm and eclectic atmosphere.


Casa Chameleon Map Pais Pool
Casa Chameleon Map Pais Entrance
Casa Chameleon Costa Rica Turtles
Casa Chameleon Map Pais Relax

The Next Age of Casa Chameleon - Las Catalinas

With a clear understanding of what makes Casa Chameleon at Mal País so special, we set out to find another location in Costa Rica. We searched for somewhere unique with incredible ocean views and a retained sense of authenticity alongside a good dose of adventure. This search landed us in Las Catalinas, a new walkable beach town perched on a hilltop and offering a cosmopolitan vibe. We envisioned our next property as the pinnicale of luxury and elegancy – a resort getaway that focuses on life’s finest ammenities.

As for the property itself, Casa Chameleon at Las Catalinas has an ocean overlook so far-reaching that at times you feel as if you can swim straight from the pool to the sea. The sheer cliff and steep angles slowed Casa Chameleon’s design and build phases, but again we adapted, met those challenges, and created something special all in just 14 months.


Casa Chameleon Family

Our guests, whether first-timers or repeat visitors, are an extension of the Casa Chameleon family. With the desire to bring family together in the privacy of an estate, we opened OCIO. It’s a sanctuary, to say the least– a truly unforgettable place where family and friends can retreat and experience a closer view of what pura vida is all about.

Casa Chameleon Family
Casa Chameleon Hotels Couple In Love

Casa Chameleon Es Su Casa

If mi casa es su casa, then Casa Chameleon es su casa. Casa Chameleon will forever be our home. We hope it will be yours too. Thank you for being part of our family.

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