Green Initiatives


The spectacular local flora and fauna for which the region is known is treated with the utmost respect by Casa Chameleon Hotels. To this end, we have a recycle program in place, use only nontoxic cleaning products and energy-efficient lighting, adopt water conservation practices, provide adjustable room temperature controls, and offer organic local bath products. We also plan monthly beach cleanups for staff and guests, and the opportunity for guests to give back to the local school.

Treated With Respect

  • Efficient water-saving fixtures and programs
  • Plant-a-Tree program
  • Recycle program
  • Composting of organic waste
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Responsibly managed forest wood products
  • Responsible watering for landscaping
  • Organic bath products
  • Eco-friendly, nontoxic cleaning products
  • Water bottle program with a refill station
  • Sustainable food supply chain

Cutting Down Use of Plastic

We are passionate about cutting down on the use of plastic at our hotels. Casa Chameleon Hotels in Costa Rica does all of the below and continue to take it further.

  • We use bamboo straws instead of plastic straws.
  • In the rooms and restaurant we use glass bottles instead of plastic bottles.
  • We use cardboard to go boxes at the restaurant instead of plastic or styrofoam.
  • In the rooms we don’t use plastic dispenser for soap, body wash and conditioner we refill locally handmade clay dispensers.
  • We don’t use bars of soap in the rooms since they come packaged in plastic and have to disposed after every guest.
  • The laundry bag in the room is made out of fabric instead of plastic and it’s reused.
  • In rooms we provide pencils instead of pens in order to reduce plastic consumption.
  • In the Minibar most of our products are packaged in aluminum or glass instead of plastic.
  • In the kitchen we use reusable glass Tupperware to store our mise en place.
  • We have a strong recycling program internally in which we recycle all the plastic, glass and aluminum used by the hotel. Which is collected by weekly by the local government to take to the recycling center.

One of the pillars of the Casa Chameleon experience is to treat the surrounding community with respect.

“So much of the ‘pura vida’ experience anywhere in Costa Rica is because of the environment,” says Reynolds. “It’s important to us that we proactively work to preserve it.”

Casa Chameleon seeks to marry the sustainable habits of an eco hotel with the amenities savvy vacationers expect from a tropical resort.